Super Calla charging cables - Fast charging cables redesigned with new magnetic anti-tangle technology.

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Charging cable when it first crosses you what pops up in your mind? Umm...  let me guess, a fragile TANGIBLE wire which is a mess and tends to occupy more space then they should. Plus they look like a speck on your otherwise organized drawer.

Charles Harris and his team strive to provide a solution for this solution. They claim to have tested several data cables and then come up with fast charging, data transfer cable known as *Super Calla* cables.

Super Calla charging cables provide a solution in a fancy way by attaching small magnets across the length of the cable.


Cables are masked with silicone tubes and dotted with small cylindrical magnets all along the length. The silicone tube adds to the durability and flexibility of the cable, while the magnets help the cable keep its new shape.

Super Calla offers two varieties in colour and length.

Colours: Jet Black and Diamond White.

Length: 0.9m and 1.8m.

Apart from that, there are five connection types currently available.




A fast charging cable dotted with magnets looks promising as a must traveling accessory, as it is "tangle-proof" and will occupy much less space.


These can not only be neatly coiled and set aside, but can ignite up your creative side, as a simple wire can be shaped into several different forms.

Pricing and release:


The single pack can cost you $19, and deals are available for different quantities. The product is currently under manufacturing and is expected to ship by the middle of June. However, nobody knows if the creators are going to meet the deadline because of the unexpected twists and turns this year had in store for us.


The product surely seems promising and its arrival is anticipated, however, a real concrete review can only be offered after we have our hands on the product

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