Samsung Firevase - An innovative solution?

Samsung FireVase

Introduction - The problem?


Fire!!!! When it gets out of control, can destroy anything in its way, thousands of cases are reported every year due to fire accidents. 


The major cause of these accidents is the unavailability of fire extinguisher coupled with the unawareness of people with the use of extinguishers.


More than 10,000 residential fires break out in South Korea every year, according to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (SFMI). Worryingly, 58% of South Korean homes remain without fire extinguisher despite a 2017 law requiring every residence to have one.

Fire-related incidents have plagued South-Korea for decades, many of which can be related to lax safety standards. 


The exponential rate of industrialization coupled with disregard of safety standards in South Korea is partially to blame for many fire incidents in the construction sector. 


Sloppy implementation with the usage of cheap, yet flammable material in the construction of homes leads to many outbreaks of a domestic fire. 


When President Moon Jae-in took power in South Korea in May 2017, vowed to make his disaster-prone country a safer place to live as he called ​“governmental incompetence and irresponsibility” that contributed to man-made catastrophes and to “put human lives before everything else.”


However, his efforts are falling short in cubing fire-related incidents. 

How does Samsung FireVase provide a solution? 


Now the problem of domestic fire is tried to be solved by SAMSUNG through the launch of its FIREVASE.


It's just like a flower vase and the idea is to try and get more fire extinguisher in people's homes and places with an easy reach location. 


In case of emergency, the faults are that when a fire breaks out the effect of one single fire extinguisher can help kill the fire in its early stages.


The way this FIREVASE works is you throw the vase at the fire like a grenade to extinguish it. 

The Science behind Samsung Firevase. 

Before proceeding with the working of Samsung Firevase. One should know about the fire triangle. 


The triangle illustrates the need of three elements, namely heat, fuel and an oxidizing agent (in most cases it is oxygen) for ignition and sustainability of fire. 


Suppress one of these elements, and that would extinguish the fire. That's what Firevase and every other fire extinguisher on the planet does by cutting off the supply of oxygen. 


The simple design holds some amount of Potassium Carbonate in a sealed outer chamber where it disappears to look like water.


A separate inner opening in the vase is designed to hold the flowers in the usual way like a regular vase, releases the Potassium Carbonate that is discreetly stored inside.


When a colourless liquid is released, it starts a rapid cooling reaction to cut out the oxygen putting out the fire. 

Production and Sales


FIREVASE had been made by a subsidiary creative agency Cheil Worldwide from Samsung group which is why it got the Samsung branding. 


It doesn't look like we'll be seeing many, though there's only 100,000 initially made; however, due to its success and the positive impact the product made in South Korea. 200,000 more units are being produced.


Positive impact and Results

20000 Samsung Risk Consultants distributed Samsung FIREVASE to fire-prone areas and home nationwide in South Korea and within four months, the campaign reached 32 million people through various media platforms. 81% of people are now more aware of the need for a fire extinguisher at home.




Now, this is Innovation for sure, Embodying the importance of fire insurance. Even if people occupy extinguishers, they usually don't take good care of them, storing them hard to reach places. Now this FIREVASE just like an ordinary flower vase that doubles as a throwable fire extinguisher is enough for suppressing oxygen for the fire.


●Easy to Use: just pick and throw

●Safe Material: non-irritating liquid and rigid PVC bottle.

●Quick process: fire goes in a blink of an eye.

●Environment Friendly

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