Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Camera- Specifications and Review.

Samsung Note 10 and Note+ released on April 7, 2019, had many things to offer to the end-user. However, among the remarkable features, Samsung Note 10's camera is arguably the best. Scurrying through piles of reviews and user opinion, the appreciation of the Note 10's camera quality unifies them all. 

There is much to look forward to Note 10's camera. Here is what I particularly liked about it:


Vivid HDR mode.

Awesome and Crisp zoom.

4k video recording

Super slow-mo.

Video Digital Stabilizing.

Samsung Note 10 camera specification:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 offers a rear trio-camera setup and a 10 MP front camera with F.No (aperture): F2.2.

The triple-lens camera setup comprises of:


16MP Ultra Wide Camera:

Pixel size: 1.0μm

F.No (aperture): F2.2


12MP Wide-angle Camera:

Pixel size: 1.4μm

Dual Aperture: F1.5 mode/F2.4 mode


12MP Telephoto Camera:

Pixel size: 1.0μm

F.No (aperture): F2.1.


The Note and Note 10+ have same camera specification with a 4th rear lens (depth vision) inclusion in the Note 10+ model. The depth vision camera, as the name suggests, helps with 3D measurement and blurring out background during the recording of the live focus video. So apart from these two little enhancements, the camera setup for both Note 10 and Note 10+ produce similar photographic output.


Note 10 Camera Review


The HDR click:


Samsung is making the HDR mode of the camera more vivid and bright with every release. Note 10's HDR mode will have fans and critics according to one's taste in photographs.


The colours of the picture have increased intensity to the extent of making picture unnatural. This abstract description can better be understood by looking at the sample below. 

As you can observe how the auto HDR transformed the picture into a brighter and vivid version of itself. Grass has a neon tinge, while the table and chair have a peach touch to it.


As said earlier, I like vibrant and bright photography, so the HDR enhancement does not bother me much. However, it is also true that enhancement diminished the cool and serene vibes of outdoor photography. 


The picture also shows the efficiency of the wide-angle camera as it masterfully encloses the whole scenario in a single photo. 


Note 10's Night mode.


Although there are 11 modes available, I would like to discuss the night mode. The night mode in almost every handset can be considered one of the underdeveloped feature. Note 10 provides a greater degree of exposure, making the night click brighter than it's counterparts. 

The above picture was taken at 2:00 am, so the scene was fairly dim-lit. Still, the might mode managed to capture a picture that was fairly detailed and bright. The picture clicked using night mode showed a greater deal of noise, as already visible, compared to the other camera modes.


Note 10's Zoom.


Note 10's camera and sensor are capable of 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. Optical zoom is the zoom possible due to movement of the lens, and there is no loss in the resolution of the picture. 


The zoom is one of the astounding features of the Note 10. Although similar specs are offered by many other smartphones. The zoom feature of Note 10 returns a much crisper image. As you see through the samples below, you will notice even at maximum 10x zoom the picture is still sharp with a low level of pixelation.

Another enrichment I would like to point out; with some AI magic and sensor adjustments, the background is blurred bringing the main object into focus.


Similarly, Note 10 offers many modes which complement each other improving the final pictorial output.

These features are surely a treat for our visual senses. 


Video recording and Super Slow-mo:


Note 10 supports 4k HD recording with digital stabilizing for optimizing your playback experience. What I am most excited about is the Super slow-mo mode feature of the Note 10 camera.


Slow-motion videos are always attractive, to me at least, a fight scene where a clenched fist slow dominating its way to the victimized cheek. Ripples radiating from the impact, and gushing stream of blood soon follows.


Sorry I got lost in the gory detail. Well, now you get the gist that Slow-mo is cool. Samsung Note 10 took the game off slow-mo to the next level by including Super Slow-Mo. 


In Super Slow-Mo the videos are recorded at 960 fps at 720p. That means the videos will be played more than 10x slower compared to normal playback speed(60fps for normal recording). 


However, on a downside due to some technological restriction user can record video up to 0.4 sec with playback of 12 seconds.


When recording in super slow-mo, one should record in a well-lit environment. In a dim background, due to lower exposure video gets recorded with higher shutter speed resulting in a jittery and shaky playback.



I would like to wrap up my review by stating that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might offer good value for your money.

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