Redmi k30 5G review - Is it even real???

Scurrying through the specs, jaw-dropping most of the times, I couldn't believe the specs. It has 5G enabled (cool!), it has a 64 MP main camera, (amazing!!), it has Snapdragon 765G (epic!!!), and the list goes on. On top of that, we get all that in a mid-range smartphone. 

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My reaction

The prices are quite affordable with the cheapest variant of $270 that is 45,000 PKR and 20,000 INR. However, for more advanced versions prices hiked quickly. Here are the details:


6GB RAM + 64GB memory: $270, PKR 45,000, INR 20,000, PHP 13,200

6GB RAM + 128GB memory: $307, PKR 52000, INR 23,000, PHP 15,000

8GB RAM + 128GB memory: $377, PKR 64,000, INR 28,000, PHP 18,400

8GB RAM + 256GB memory: $412, PKR 70,000, INR 31,000, PHP 20,000


Note that the 5G version is released for now in china and will not be available anytime soon in India, Philippines or Pakistan. However, you can import the phone, but you will need to uninstall the Chinese apps and manually install the google play store. 


Now without further ado, let's dive deep into the analysis of Redmi K30 5G. 

The 6.67-inch screen covers most of the front (85% screen to body ratio) with a punch hole on the top right corner for the front camera. On the back, there is a linear quad-camera setup engraved in an indented circle. Such indention has not been seen before it kind off looks like a halo around the camera lenses. To me personally, I like the halo type design. On the bottom, we can see the Redmi written modestly. 


The sides are made of aluminium alloy, with the fingerprint sensor found near the power button. On the bottom, the phone has a 3.5mm jack, a Type C 2.0 USB connector and a single loudspeaker.

When talking about the display, K30 5G offers an LCD. We are not getting Super Amoled or even AMOLED display, whereas in that price range Super Amoled is quite common. LCD brightens up the whole screen, and we cannot get the pure black and bright white characteristic of the AMOLED. However, the screen is not all bad, it is quite good actually. The screen is visible even in direct sunlight, and the view angles are impressive for an LCD screen. 

Breaking the ice, K30 offers a 120 HZ refresh rate. Yes, you read that right, not 90 HZ, not 60 HZ, but the fluid 120 HZ. The fluidity is impeccable, ah the smooth touch transitions and even smoother video playbacks. The handset offers a switch between 120 and 60 HZ display, but when you get accustomed to 120 HZ, you will just find 60 HZ rough. 


As for colours, K30 5G comes in a few plain colours and that with no gradients. 

Camera results - Umm .... not too shabby:


With K30 we get a 64-MP main lens. The pixel size of 0.8 micrometres, the specs are very similr to Samsung galaxy A71. So we can expect a decent picture quality and definitionThe colour reproduction is accurate; however, the picture tends to get softer on edges. Apart from the main lens, we have three support lenses: 

8-MP ultra-wide lens.

5-MP macro lens.

2-MP depth sensor. 



Overall we get good results in daylight, but when you move to the darker regions, the result can get little soft and grainy. On default, we get an 18MP binner result. As for binner technology adjacent pixel merge to form a larger pixel, and as a result, each pixel gets more exposure. Such technology is great for low light photography

Redmi K30 5G portrait pic
Redmi K30 5G portrait pic
Redmi K30 5G portrait pics

With 32MP selfie camera, we get a comparatively larger aperture, hence better exposure, and crisp detail with natural colour reproduction. 


When talking about AI integration the K30 4g the predecessor of K30 5G had trouble with autofocusing for quick snaps. With similar AI technology, you can expect latency and below-par performance. Talking about AI Huawei Nova 7i offers pretty aggressive AI, so it returns unparallel enhanced pictures. 


As for videography, we don't get optical stabilization and even no electronic stabilization with 4K video recording. However, for 1080p and 30 FPS recording, the result is relatively stable. 



Processor and Software - The Speed Demon:


The K30 5G features a 7nm Snapdragon 765G and an Ardeno 620 GPU. In terms of processor, this octa-core 7nm processor is an absolute beast. It will handle pretty much anything you will throw at it. You will seldomly experience lag, but a smooth performance all the way through. 


Snapdragon 765G is super fast, and you can experience such speed with facial recognization and fingerprint sensor. The phone gets unlocked and loaded in a matter of 0.3 sec. 


With the inclusion of Ardeno 620, you can play PUBG, Call Of Duty mobile and any other game you can think off with HD resolution and high FPS setting. 


As for software, K30 5G runs on Android 10 with MIUI 11. The UI receives frequent updates improving the loading speeds of apps. The UI is not optimized to match the level of Huawei Nova 7i. There is an MI share through which you can easily transfer files between Redmi, Xiaomi and Oppo devices. 


Another killer feature the K30 5G houses a liquid cooling system. Even under high load, the cooling system is efficient. The surface temperature remains level and doesn't rise much. Indeed K30 5G is a cool customer. You can play PUBG all night without getting your finger toasted.  

heat map 1.jpg
heat map 2.jpg

Battery Life and Speakers - Nor Good , Nor Bad, Nor Ugly just average:


Under the hood K30, 5G has a commendable 4500 Mah battery. The battery life lasts somewhere around 8 hrs with normal usage and a few hours of gaming. Hey, that is not much for such a tank of power. Now don't be surprised, K30 5G is a power-intensive device. With 120 HZ refresh rate and an LCD screen, what do you expect???


However, K30 5G does support fast charging with 30 W charger, phone's battery gets fully charged in about an hour and 10 minutes. 


We get a monotone speaker with this handset and no Dolby Amos. So don't expect to lift a party with these speakers. The amplitude is not much and decent enough for close distances. When using Headsets, the noise cancellation is on par, but again you will feel the sound is just not loud enough. 


Final Verdict:


Gadgetslam rates the phone a dashing 4.2 stars out of 5 stars. 


It does offer quite impressive features like 120 Hz display, 64Mp main camera, a 7nm Snapdragon 765G and fast charging. On the other side of the coin, it lacks in terms of compact design, LED screen, optimized and efficient UI and long-lasting battery. 


This phone offers a lot for heavy gamers and laid back photographers. If you are more of a power user and even a full-time music-savvy, this phone might not be for you. 

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Redmi K30 5G portrait pic