Realme 6 Review - A Decent Mobile BUT....

The realme 6 got us by surprise that it comes with a 90 Hz display, a bunch of Cameras, 30-watt fast charger and the MediaTek helio G90T chip inside. All this at a very affordable price, so is this the budget phone to buy today? OR has realme cut some corners that we did not notice.

Let's find out in this review.


Realme 6

Let's take a leap. A leap into this insightful review.



• 6.5-inch display

• 90 Hz refresh rate

• Dimensions : 162 x 75 x 8.9 mm

• Gorilla Glass 3

• Dual sim


• 1080 x 2400 Resolution

The back is very similar to the X2 pro lunar white but it does not flaunt that same dual-colour shine, this is more plain and simple. Apart from the Realme logo the back also supports the four Camera setup and a Flash. It looks identical to Realme 5 Pro, the only difference is the main Camera which is up from 48MP to 64MP.

The bottom has a 3.5mm audio jack, speaker, charging port and the microphone. The volume buttons on the left are quite flush. The sim Tray has two nano SIMs slots and a dedicated microSD card slot which can take up to 256GB additional storage.


Now the casing is made of aluminium and the front is corning Gorilla Glass 3. The fingerprint sensor is missing from its usual spot instead it is incorporated at the right beneath the power button, and as usual the fingerprint recognization is super fast. There is also image-based face recognition which is quick and accurate.

There is brightness compensation which means when you are using it in dark the screen brightness will increase automatically illuminate your face enough for it to be detected.


The selfie camera is now an In-display punch hole camera. The display is full HD with bright colours and sharp details. Real me has also retained the smart sidebar which can be accessed by swiping from the edge of the bezel for quick functions. One thing missing is the gesture controls like iPhones which were there in both X2 pro and the 5 pros.

Realme 6 display

Full HD display with vivid colours and sharp details. However, it does struggle with visibility in the direct sunlight. It is manageable, but viewing under full LCD brightness will drain the battery faster.


        Main camera

• 64 MP f/1.8 ( wide)

• 8 MP f/2.3 ( ultrawide)

• 2 MP f/2.4 ( Macro)

• 2MP f/2.4 ( depth)

• HDR, Panorama

• 4k@30fps 

1080@60fps video recording

         Selfie Camera

• 16MP f/2.0 ( wide)

• 1080@30fps video

The primary 64MP as usual, great details in the pictures, natural-looking colour tones and fairly balanced sharpness, shadows and highlights.

You can zoom in a great deal into the picture and notice the image does not break apart easily even when you move out of the 64MP model. The same primary lens is being used but it takes smaller size pictures with not as much detail as the 64MP one, but these are also pretty good and more importantly, they don't catch up more space.


The wide-angle camera is just Ok at the best. The quality is definitely not as good as the primary camera. The colours are slightly faded and the image is not sharp in general.

Realme 6 wide angle display

Ultrawide pics as said earlier the result is what we can say average at best

In low light, you can switch to the dedicated nightscape 2.0 mode and it does a great job even in the normal camera mode and detects the scene as night and takes the picture accordingly. The wide-angle in low light is even having harder times. The pictures are noisy and there is a lack of details.


There is also 2x,5x and all the way to 10x of hybrid zoom. It is quite decent just like the Real me 5 pros, and not just in bright daylight but even in low-light, it is quite OK.


Then there is the portrait camera which is able to capture some very decent bokeh portraits, blur is set to 60 by default but you can play around with it.

Both pics are taken with portrait mode; however, first one is edited and second one is raw. We can clearly see for both pictures the fantastic and vivid color reproduction. In the second picture we can also notice the blur effect on the background is lowered.

Videos can be recorded at (720p 1080p and 4K) at 30 or 60 fps, but 4K is only at 30fps. But the 1080p video at 60 fps is very smooth but at 4K not so much. There is also slow-motion recording at 120 and 240 frames per second. But 120 fps in slow looks great however 240fps is not much impressive and just looks like that 120fps is slowed to 240 digitally.


The front camera of 16MP is just like Real me 5 pros and it has not disappointed. It cam snaps smooth pictures with crisp details. Bokeh portraits turn out amazing, natural-looking skin tones even in low lighting.

Software and Processor


• Android 10, realme UI

• Mediatek G90T

• Octa-Core ( Cortex A-76)

• 4-GB RAM

• 64 GB internal storage


The processor is a step up from the realme 5's snapdragon 655 but compared to the Realme 5 pro it is not that much of an upgrade.

This MediaTek G90T nevertheless is a powerful processor and also comes with an advantage in the form of its faster GPU, which gives it an upper hand when it comes to gaming.


Another upgrade here is the screen refresh rate frequency. This handset features a 90 Hz screen refresh rate, which is there selling point due to the cheap price budget phone.


It can stand up to intense gaming like PUBG and ASPHALT 9 LEGENDS. Both these heavy games seem to be running without a hiccup on high graphics settings. But after playing of about 15 mins the phone starts to warm up a little bit but it does not heat up beyond that point even when you keep playing, and you may even experience lag after long use.


The 4GB RAM and the processor are enough for decent gaming output; however, some may face lag due to buggy UI and inefficient RAM allocation. The UI receives frequent updates almost one every month. The updates tend to resolve bugs and change UI, but it also leads to some new bugs. Hence frequent updates. The upgrades tend to take up space and eventually narrows the available memory. 


Battery and Speaker:


The battery is 4300 mAh which is a step-down 5k mAh from Real me 5, but it does come with a 30-watt Fast charger which claims to get it from 0 to 100 in 1 hour and 5 minutes.


It has a single speaker setup on the bottom, which is quite loud but when it comes to clarity we think that Real me 5 pro was a bit better


Final Verdict:

We rate it  3.5/5.


Now to sum it up this is 200$ ( 40000 PKR) phone which carries some flagship-level features which are good news for the average consumer.

Lightweight, a massive stunning Full HD plus Display, 64 MP quad Camera setup and 16 MP selfie cam with real-time face toning features.

90 Hz screen refresh rate, a decent chipset and fast charging. Definitely a step up from its predecessor in many aspects.

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