PS5 compared to PS4: The console of the future?

The PlayStation 5 is coming out very soon ( expected November 2020). This would be a massive upgrade over PS4 in leaps of graphics and power. Sony has revealed pretty much all the specs of the PS5.

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Speed Test:

We came to know that the PS 5 comes with an SSD by default or than a hard drive. So loading a spider-man game :

  •  PS 5  ----> 0.83 seconds 

  •  PS 4 pro -----> 8 seconds.

So that's a massive ten-time decrease in loading time over PS 4 pro, so that's a rave impression.

Graphical performance:

Sony also modifies the graphical performance of PS 5 abates so in combination with the SSD we had the same game running spider-man. The tried flying through the environment as fast as the could and the ;

  • PS 4 pro ----> froze after just a few seconds

  • PS 5 -----> Buttery smooth till the end

These results were because PS 4 isn't able to process the 3D scene over PS 5 which was super smooth and seems like the frame rate was much higher as well.

PS5 vs PS4: The console of future
Software Features:

Sony was referring PS 5 as the NEXT GEN rather than PS 5 and these are the features that they confirmed again :

All new CPU and GPU this is the first.


  • 8 core

  • 700 meters in the rise

  • AMD Ryzen 3 processor

  • 16 threads

  • Constant clock speed of 3.2 GHz minimum


So yeah it is really impressive especially since you know the CPU has always been the main downside of the consoles of this generation even the Xbox One X and PS 4 pro. It seems like the PS 5 will finally be more powerful CPU wise than even the average PC.

Now regarding GPU,


  • AMD based

  • New Navi architecture

  • 12 to 14 teraflops of GPU compute power || PS 4 pro ----> 4.2 teraflops

Now just to give an idea this would be very similar to the Radeon RX Vega 64 which offers up to 13.7 teraflops of GPU compute power. So yes that looks like an insane upgrade over the 4.2 teraflops that a PS 4 pro had so that's a 3.33 times increase in GPU compute power over PS4 pro and 7.77 times increase over the original PS 4.

The classic PS4
Resolution of Graphics:

With the immense increase in power, the PS 5 will be able to deliver graphics at up to 8K.


Sony has confirmed that PS 5 will be able to support 8K resolution, which is incredible and overkill at a moment. I mean even today gaming at 8k is almost impossible or difficult to do. You'll also need an 8K monitor obviously which are much expensive, and you know aside from those 8k monitors there's not that many options to choose at the moment.


When 8k TVs will be launching soon so Samsung has already revealed an 8K TV which you can buy already starting from 5000 pounds, but 8k TVs at this place will become more mainstream in the next few years.


Now we know at least the PS 5 will be future proof in this regard and the reason because the PS 5 will be the biggest leap in graphical performance from the previous generations on a console ever, aside from the Xbox 2 that's also going to be similar to PS 5 more about that later. The reason I am saying that is if you take a look at a PS 4, for example when it was launched back in 2013, 4k monitors just started to appear on the market and they were really expensive and you know a lot of people owned them pretty much the same thing, but the interesting element was that PS 4 did not support 4k resolution outputs, only the PS 4 pro launched 3 years later featured support for 4k displays.


Frame Rates:

So 8k is cool it's great for future-proofing but what about 4k?

The sony interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that next-gen will support 

  • PS 5 ---> 4K games at 120 Hz.

  • PS 4 ----> Not even 4K at 60 or even 4k 30 Hz

Now, that's the great news probably better than 8k as well because are likely to have 8k displays or 8k monitors but today's lot of people have 4k TVs. So 4k at 120Hz is pretty impressive.


This is insane when you realize that PS 4 pro cannot even do 4k 60 or even 4k 30 natively. In a lot of cases, it was just quad HD upscale by checkerboard rendering but PS 5 is said to support 4k at 120 frame rates per second.


Even considering the Xbox One X that has 6 teraflops of GPU compute power can do native 4k 30Hz in most games and 4k 60Hz in some games with dynamic resolution. So the 14 teraflops PS 5 should easily be able to do at least native 4k 60Hz.


To give and the idea that 4k 60Hz with maxed out settings is even difficult to do today on a PC you need the highest-end Graphics Card such as RT X 20 ATTI and these settings also won't even work at every single game so yes we all are excited for PS 5.

Greatest Hits

Now Sony has also said they will be taking PlayStation to the next level which was a bit interesting. As you see PlayStation now is sony's game streaming for PS 3, so if you have PS 4 you can play some classic PS 3 games and even some PS 2 games. 


It now also works on PC and windows, all you need is just 5 megabits per second connection or higher. Now Sony is planning to expand Playstation even further so that it could play the most modern PS 4 games at even high resolutions at 1080p and so even 4K bu streaming.


Another big thing that Sony has confirmed is the full support for PS 4 games. So now you'll be able to play any PS 4 game under PS 5 and load any of the previously saved games. Now that's awesome if you don't want to buy PS 5 games, you can just play previous PS 4 games on PS 5 on even higher quality.

PS4 games

Sony also confirms the support of Ray-tracing in PS 5. This is something that NVIDIA has implemented into their GPUs first with RT X series in 2018.


Now have it on AMD Hardware as well we have indeed seen a demo of ray-tracing running on  Vega 56 before so AMD's may be working on enabling real-time ray tracing support on the vega series of their GPUs in near future now.


In case you don't know what Ray-Tracing means. ?

It is when every single ray of light coming from a light source bounces off the environment, and every bounce is calculated then displayed in the scene. 


However, that's something extremely difficult to do from a computational standpoint especially when you enter an enclosed environment such as a small room. Well, in that case, its a murder of your GPU.


PS5 is supporting real-time ray tracing, and that is a huge advancement, so I can't wait to see this in action.


3D - Audio:

PS 5 supports 3D audio, so apparently, it would have a dedicated chip that would give you 360° audio and Mark Cerny the lead architect for the PS 5 that you would feel way more immersed in the game since the audio would be coming from;

• Behind

• Left side

• Right side

One thing I find weird about this fact that sony already offers 3D audio in PS 4 pro in few specific headphones and honestly they sound amazing and I am not sure how this could be any different on PS 5 so yeah I am forward to trying this out.


Not ending Importance of PS 4:

In the same presentation of PS 5 sony has talked about the importance of the PS4, how it will remain the engine of engagement and profitability for the next 3 years.


This is a very important finding, it means that sony will not discontinue PS 4 after PS 5 launches but instead, it will continue to sell it alongside the PS 5 and even release some Triple-A games such as Last of US Two, Deaths Trending and Ghost of Tsushima.


Sony's statement that PS 4 will be the engine of engagement and profitability for the next 3 years, gives us the idea that they'll be selling the PS 5 at a loss initially, which is great news for the consumer since you know it means that a PS 5 will be priced at a fairly low cost compared to the components that it will be packing.


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