Huawei Nova 7i Vs Samsung Galaxy A71- The Battle of Budget


Welcome to the first article of our "battle of budget" segment. Now you must be wondering, "what the hell is battle of budget?????". Well, here we take two budget phones of 2020, compare them against our predefined metrics. After careful analysis of the competitors, a victor emerges. 

Predefined metrics: 

Talking about our comparison metrics, we compare almost every spec. We keep a keen eye on the performance of our candidates in every definable aspect.


However, few specifications and performance aspects have a higher weightage compared to others. 


Here I will jot down our metric in decreasing order of precedence:


1) Pricing

2) Processor and Software

3) Camera Quality

4) Battery Life

5) Build Quality and Structure.


Each round will end with a rating out of five. The total of all rounds for each candidate will be summed, weighted and scaled. After some arithmetic, the total will be presented. 

Introducing our Candidates:


In our first article Samsung Galaxy A71, released on 17 January 2020, will confront Huawei Nova 7i, released on 14 February 2020

Huawei Nova 7i VS Samsung Galaxy A71.png

Galaxy A71 is available at a high-end price of 70,000 PKR or $420-440.

However, Nova 7i is available at a more affordable price of 42,000 PKR or $252 ( converted price, not available on Amazon). 


The Galaxy A71 price just screams in the face of low budget buyers. On the other hand, Nova 7i pricing provides some comfort to many low-end buyers. 


No doubt Nova 7i owns a swift victory in terms of pricing. 


Galaxy A71: 2.5/5.

Huawei Nova 7i: 4/5.

Processor and Software:

At the heart of the Galaxy A71 is a snapdragon 730 octa-core, and Nova 7i is powered by strong a Kirin 810 octa-core chipset. Both chipset is remarkably similar as both provide two cores with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz and six cores with a frequency of 1.8 GHz.


Samsung A71 is available in two RAM variants namely 6GB and 8GB and 128GB internal storage. Nova 7i comes equipped with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. 


Snapdragon is manufactured by a third party US-based company Qualcomm while Kirin chipset is manufactured by Huawei.


Huawei parenting the chipset provides a lucrative performance edge to Huawei nova 7i. 


Considering the gaming aspect, both phones can run PUBG efficiently without lag on mediocre to little high graphic settings. 


A striking difference arises in our comparison of software. Galaxy A71 houses GMS (google mobile services) while Nova 7i comes with HMS (Huawei mobile services). A phone without GMS is handicapped in terms of application utility. The Huawei mobile services include its app gallery, but no popular apps like Facebook Twitter Netflix or Spotify.


One can survive going for always built-in apps or alternatives, app gallery for your emails and calendars.


On paper in terms of processing power, we call it a draw between our competitors. Maybe Nova 7i passes with a little processing edge. However, in terms of software, there is no doubt about the winner: Samsung Galaxy A71. 


Galaxy A71: 4.5/5.

Nova 7i: 3.5/5.

Camera Quality:

" With great smartphone comes a great camera"- Peter Parker.

I know that quote is be rigged, but it is true. A great camera does define a smartphone. When comparing our candidate's camera specification, Samsung Galaxy A71 does have an upper hand. A71 possess a 68MP rear camera compared to 48MP for Nova 7i.

Comparison for other cameras in the Quad setup:

  • Ultrawide Camera: 12MP(A71) vs 8MP (Nova 7i).

  • Macro and Depth Sensor: 5MP(A71) vs 2MP(Nova 7i).

A71 have 32MP front camera vs the Nova 7i's 16MP Camera


On paper, the Samsung Galaxy A71 camera is better when compared to Nova 7i. However, Samsung Galaxy A71 tends to be a bit softer when it comes to fine details. On the other hand for Nova 7i, especially in bright conditions, images come with plenty of details and punchy colours.


Moving forward to low light photography both smartphones produce similar results. The output has washed out colours, and they tend to be softer in terms of fine details. 


When we talk about the video recording abilities of each smartphone. Samsung A71 can record up to 4k at 30 fps. While for Nova 7i, the performance is limited to 1080p recording at 30fps. For 4k recording, Samsung A71 lacks video stabilization. 


All in all, we can conclude by saying both smartphones produce a decent and satisfactory pictorial result. 



Galaxy A71: 4.3/5.

Nova 7i: 4/5.

Huawei Nova 7i camera result
Huawei Nova 7i camera result
Battery Life:

In terms of Mah, no striking contrast exists between the Lithium-Ion battery of A71( 4500Mah) to that of Nova 7i( 4200Mah). So the comparison boils down to efficiency and optimization of the smartphone. Here Nova 7i takes the lead because of its intrinsic web of Huawei ecosystem. 


Implanting one's own manufactured Mobile Services and Processor provides the manufacturer with greater flexibility when it comes to optimization. Think about it in this way.


Which would work better?

  • A machine that has all parts custom made and is somewhat programmed in a way to compliment every performance aspect.

  • A Frankenstein

Frankenstein monster



Well, a sane answer would be "the first one obviously". However, the comparison with Frankenstein is a bit extreme, but I hope it helps to get the idea across. A phone which has a processor made by a third party company comes equipped with restricted flexibility in terms of software optimization that will directly affect the durability of the battery. 


Huawei takes the lead not only in terms of battery life but also the charging capability of the phone. Nova 7i comes with a 40W charger that supports the supercharge. Supercharge gives a charging boost of up to 70% in 30 minutes. 


Compare 7i's charging specs to A71 that comes with 25W charger. The battery is charged to approximately 50% within half an hour of charging. 


Galaxy A71: 4/5.

Nova 7i: 4.5/5.

Build Quality and Structure:

At last, but not least lets swiftly cruise through the Build Quality and Structure comparison. Here Samsung A71 takes the lead again. Samsung not only provides a larger screen size but also super AMOLED display with an on-screen fingerprint sensor. 


To increase durability and scratch-resistance of the screen, A71 comes equipped with Gorilla glass protector. Compare that to 7i's pre-installed plastic protector that is more prone to scratches and less durable.


A71 rear camera is installed elegantly and the quad bump is lower than the obnoxious bump found in Huawei Nova 7i. 


Galaxy A71: 4/5.

Nova 7i: 3/5.


Nova 7i provides tough competition to A71 in terms of processing power and Camera Quality.


While Nova 7i blows the competition due to low pricing and more effecient battery life.


However, Samsung A71 takes the lead when we talk about Build Quality and Structure and due to availability of GMS. 


Now, we have now enough data to provide comprehensive ratings for each phone. Finally it's time to make the life of budget buyers easier. 

Samsung A71 camera design
Samsung A71 body design
Individual segment rating graph
Final Ratings:

After summing up the result, applying appropriate weights and scaling it up to 100. The Final scores are as follows:

Huawei Nova 7i: 76.57%,

Samsung Galaxy A71: 75.73%

Final ranking
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