LENOVO Wi-fi Outdoor Bullet Security Camera


The name LENOVO is a well-known brand especially when it comes to high-quality laptops and smartphones, so if they put their logo on something, it must be worth it.



The camera records in 1080p have a free megapixel sensor view (that is the user can have a potentially unlimited zoomed; however, for this particular camera the images will pixelate after 25m) with 4mm/6mm/8mm lens available. 

It has 3 types of night visions:

  1. Normal Infra-Red

  2. Full-colour night vision: Two white LEDs light up your area.

  3. Smart night vision: It uses infra-red until it detects movement and then it automatically turns on the white LEDs for full-colour night vision.

The camera supports a 128 gigabyte SD card.


It has two wi-fi antennas and supports 2.4 GHz, you can also use a wired connection if you want instead of wi-fi by connecting an ethernet cable.

By downloading the app in your smartphone you can get instant push notifications when motion is detected. You can access the camera through a web interface which gives you much more settings to choose from the camera sports on Biff so you can use it with any NVR or software.


The push notifications arrive on your smartphone with the recorded footage after a 1 min delay when the motion is detected.


Interesting Features:

  • It has two-way audio so you can listen and talk through the camera.

  • It has an ip67 rating which means it is waterproof and should have no problem being placed outdoors in rainy weather.

  • 20-25 meter is the maximum distance to read a license plate of a car parked.

  • You can also have a camera power adapter and ethernet cable in the box.

  • Whole-body and mouth is made of metal so it feels like high quality.


How to connect LENOVO Wi-fi Outdoor Bullet Security camera to your phone?


  1.  Download and install the app JOINT HORIZON which you can easily find on either google play store or app store.

  2.  Then create a new user account.

  3.  Click on the plus icon to add a new device then click on the stand-alone camera and click yes.

  4.  The app will list your camera and then all you need to do is add your wi-fi to access the camera from your web      browser.

  5.  You first need to find out the IP address your router has assigned for it, that would be in the client list.

  6.  Then just type the IP address in the address bar of your web browser and log in.

  7.  The camera username is admin and there is no password here.

What can you access when connected ?


When connected to your phone there is an option of share info and that's where you will get your messages which are    saved on SD card, then you have playback to view recorded footages. In settings, we have basic stuff like motion detection or can add a privacy zone in advance settings.


  • You can even adjust the aspect ratio

  • Change image quality

  • Turn on and off the sound

  • Change night vision mode

  • Talk through camera

  • Take screenshots of recorded video

  • And playbacks



 This handy and great device is priced at up to 6000 to 7000 PKR.

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