Is iPhone 7 Plus Really Worth in 2020?


iPhone 7 plus was released in 2017. Apple was the first to offer a dual camera in its handset, and this featured took market by storm. Hence afterwards every mid and high range phone featured the dual-camera option. 

Apart from the dual camera, some other improvements and tweaks set it apart from iPhone 6 plus. iPhone 7 Plus offers longer battery life, water-resistance and no headphone jack.

Keep on reading for a detailed iPhone 7 plus review. 





The iPhone 7 Plus has a similar design to that of iPhone 6 plus that is 

Height - 6.23 inches (158.2 mm)

Width - 3.07 inches (77.9 mm)

Depth - 0.29 inch (7.3 mm).

Although there is a slight difference in the weight of the two models, it's non differentiable. The home button is restructured, and according to Apple, it made the model more robust. The home button now doesn't feel like a button at all, fixed and immobile the button cannot be pressed. The model also includes Touch ID that I struggle with most of the time.

The iPhone 7 Plus is available in 4 attractive colors namely Gold, Rose gold, Silver and Black.

iPhone 7 Plus is water-resistant up to 1 m so it will survive its journey through the odd rainy day. Additionally making it more robust to small restroom mishaps.

Although I have grown accustomed to it, The removal of the headphone jack might be inconvenient for most of the user.



This phone will be a good pick if you have a pro-founding

interest in photography because iPhone 7 Plus offers

a 12 MP dual camera which completely sets it apart from

its predecessor. As the devil is in the detail, let us explore

this feature more closely. The dual camera comprises of

a wide camera and a telephoto camera. The wide camera

has a short focal length and can capture a longer

landscape than possible by a standard camera.

The telephoto camera has a longer focal length

compared to the standard camera. The telephoto lens

allows the user to zoom in 2x without compromising the


The inclusion of two lenses and some AI magic paved the way to the portrait mode. This mode sharpens the object or person in focus and blurs out the background. 


Processor and Battery life:

Apple states that the battery will last 1 hour longer than that of iPhone 6 plus because of higher battery power and A10 fusion chip. What makes quad-core A10 chip unique is the inclusion of two high-performance core and two energy-efficient core. 

The energy-efficient core primarily operates the day to day mundane task of surfing and checking emails. The efficiency of this core directly correlates to longer battery life. 

The high-performance core is for the more challenging tasks such as gaming. The activation of this core leads to higher power consumption, but smooth

gaming experience. 

Concluding it all by saying the Processor

and Battery life have undergone significant

improvement compared to its predecessor. 










Final  Verdict:

In this iPhone 7 plus review, we will rank

iPhone 7 plus 4.5 out of 5.

The dual camera is an absolute

killer feature. The phone provides

a prolonged battery life and smooth

performance. However, the high-performance

core drains the  power quite fast. iPhone heats

up considerably fast when the high-performance core is engaged. The iPhone has a sleek body design with subtle colors to choose from.


Removal of the headphone jack was a bold move from Apple, and have caused quite an uproar. 

Overall this phone was a subtle addition to the family, and you might not be disappointed after purchasing it. 

Kārlis Dambrāns from Latvia / CC BY (

Kārlis Dambrāns from Latvia / CC BY (

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