Is P20 pro worthy of your money in 2020???

Going down the memory lane, you will remember that Huawei as a brand was struggling to keep up with the likes of other companies in the budget and mid-range segments, but now Huawei is competing against top flagships.

In the last two years, Huawei has closed the gap between its competitors APPLE and SAMSUNG and is taking a great leap forward.


So in the article, we are going to discuss Huawei's greatest flagship P20 Pro and whether it is worth your buck in 2020 ???


Now design-wise there is certainly no problem here, this Huawei handset has aged incredibly well. A shiny colourful and bright finish at the back. 


The device has a pre-installed screen protector although the glass is Corning Gorilla. 


P20 Pro is remarkably compact and pretty comfortable to use in one hand due to its 6.1 OLED inch display.


A chunky lower bezel houses the incredibly rare front face and physical fingerprint sensor, these things have been replaced with-in display fingerprint sensors these days, but one can still prefer a physical scanner because they are a bit more responsive when your fingers are a bit moist.

Processor and Memory:

• Kirin 970 chipset

• Octa-Core 4x1.8 GHz ( Cortex A73)

• 6GB and 8GB RAM

• 128GB of Internal storage


This storage is plentiful to download NETFLIX shows and movies. Sadly there is no micro SD card support if you do happen to run out.

Also there is lacking of a Headphone jack in this set but thankfully no issue when connected to Bluetooth headphones, or you could use a dongle to connect standard headphones into Type C connection.


There is occasional little stammer and stutter, but P20 pro will do everything that you needed to do.


It is not as nippy as of course modern flagships as you expect. Also, it is lacking some slicker features like a 90 Hz refresh rate.


No worries as far as gaming goes, PUBG mobile plays with a smooth enough frame rate on those high detail levels helped along by the likes of the GPU turbo action so you'll stand a decent chance against all over the competition. 



Main camera

       • 40 MP ( wide)

       • 8 MP ( telephoto)

       • video at 4K@30fps and 1080p@60fps

Selfie Camera

      • 24 MP ( wide)

      • video at 1080p@30fps

Huawei P20 Pro camera tech has aged very well indeed just like a fine cheese. Now to remember this was the first smartphone to serve a proper telephoto lens. It offers a 3x optical zoom or 5x Hybrid zoom that produces stunning results from a distance. 

P20 pro display
P20 pro camera
P20 pro 5x hybrid
P20 pro 5x hybrid zoom

The picture of these beautiful flowers were shot at a distance of approximately 1 foot.


Observe how the 5x hybrid lossless zoom preserves the sharpness, colors and details

P20 pro 10x zoom
P20 pro 10x zoom

Shot at a distance of one 150 meters, the 10x zoom can bring you closer to the object in focus with slight loss in details and resolution. 

The p20 pro beats many flagships for 2019 for its Telephoto shots. However, it does not support Ultra-wide angle lens compare to more recent Huawei flagships so that it is a bit of a miss at times, but you can't fault the everyday shots you get from that 40 MP primary lens and 20MP monochrome snapper.

This was also one of the first smartphones composed of a decent night mode, so you will get crisp bright balanced shots even when snapping away in near darkness.

P20 pro nightmode

Night mode

Note: The above pictures were contributed by Bella Cons. You can find more picture like these on her photography blog.

But sadly P20 pro still can't cut it for video as stabilization is poor as rival handsets offer much better-looking results.


Battery life:

Battery life is also pretty solid. It can easily make it through a full day of constant using, that screen is rarely switched off. You don't get any wireless charging support like you do on more recent Huawei flagships phones but plug in a bit of type-C action and the Huawei P20 Pro charges in a pretty nippy fashion.



So it's a fantastic handset, camera tech is great, performance is fine, battery life rocks and the overall UI experience is still top-notch as well. So if you do want to save yourself a bit of cash over the likes of P30 PRO and of course P40 PRO than this HUAWEI P20 PRO is a must buy phone. Surely a handset you can buy in 2020.

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