PS5 Memes that will brighten up your day

The holiday season of 2020 will bring joy for fellow gamers because of the scheduled release of PS5 and X-box series x in that time frame.

The speculation over the PS5 console design and cloudiness around the price of the new console paved a path for some humour to jump in.

I have compiled some PS5 memes that are worth your attention. These memes will surely brighten up your day. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section at the end.

  1. Designing a Logo, Now that's a creative job.

PS5 logo meme

And Walla another creative Logo design by Sony!!!.

   2. Captain America has got a console fan following

PS5 controller meme

Cap inspires everything... even controller designs

   3. What a Resemblance!

PS5 vs X box meme

BTW from where can I buy that three wheeled car????

   4. Copying a Console design, that's not so creative

PS5 Body design meme

What were you thinking?? Mr Architect!!!

   5. And the Winner of Fancy Hat competition is......

PS5 design meme

That's a rather an expensive hat.

   6. The Console Wars

PS5 vs Xbox meme

What are you doing google?? get out of there

   7. It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a PS 5

PS5 design meme

Don't piss off this console.

   8. Oh so that is how it is

PS5 design meme

The Asian dude is back ..... this time with a router and Wii

   9. Somethings are better left untold

PS5 price meme

What is this behavior Sony ????

   9. That is a cute router

PS5 price meme

Believe me I am telling the truth....

That's all for now I hope you like these PS5 memes and share your thoughts in the comments below

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