From Zero to Hero: Cityman Game Review and Guide


The game From Zero to Hero: Cityman is designed by Heather-glade publishing, and it has been in the market for over a year now. I would try to sum up my experience by saying:


" I am a big fan of strategy games, and this amalgam of life simulation and strategy kept me captivated until I could nail it down". 


In this article, I will discuss why you should give "From Zero to Hero: Cityman" a try. 


First, let me give you a quick review then guide you on how to ace the game. 

From Zero to Hero Cover

From Zero to Hero: Cityman Review


The Plot:


The Plot is the personification of our most innate desire to become filthy rich and posses unfathomable wealth. 


Our character has a humble origin on the streets, aged seventeen he has no formal education, job, food, or even a roof over his head.


As the game progress, we get to enroll our character in different educational institutes, change jobs, acquire properties, go on to become the president (the ultimate goal), and achieving all that before the character dies either out of old age, depression or kidneys failure. 


The only unrealistic part of the story line is the job prerequisites. I don't understand the need to be an IT head to move into the field of finance.  


Graphics and Performance:


Our main character is well designed. Although most of the graphics are static, the game does offer a magnificent user interface. 


As the game progresses there are some subtle changes in the appearance of the character. For example, as our character ages, you will notice changes in the physical appearance of our character. 


Our Character at Age of 49

Our character at age of 61

The game itself does not take much space on the disk, nor does it burden the GPU of the mobile handset, so the game will run smoothly on any decent handset. 




Music might be one of the excellent features of the game. The music seems tailored for this game.


It packs zeal and excitement so perfectly that I am thinking about choosing it as my workout music. 




The game does not rely on fancy and heavy graphics to entertain the player. What makes this game captivating is it's challenging gameplay.


From Zero to Hero: Cityman Guide.


There are many reviews on play store where players rant about how unrealistic the game is; however, there is little truth in what they say. I would say the game is not unrealistic, but considerably challenging. Took me a few days before to get hold of a proper strategy and completely ace the game.


I will share those strategies with you.


Understanding the prerequisites:


Every job in the have prerequisites, and you should read two to three in advance before progressing to a new job, especially when switching fields. 


Prereading job essentials help you advance similar careers very quickly and decide when to jump in a new field. 


Carefully analyzing the time to switch field is necessary because most of the time the position you are switching for is a comparatively low paying job. However, the expenses are going to increase either because of change in residence or new automobile. 


It is better to have saved enough money that will help you rise through the ranks. 


Especially keep this tip in mind when coursing through the business ranks as every promotion requires you to invest a sufficient amount of money that can put a dent on your savings.


 It is better to precalculate your earnings and expenditure after promotion so you can understand how the promotion will affect your financial status. 


One of the best practice is to complete your education as soon as possible. Once you find a job where your earnings overweigh the expenditures, enrol into courses and institutes to progress your educational career. Use the speed up button if you must. 


Playing Stocks. 


Trading in stock will help you earn a huge amount of cash in the game that can act as reimbursement for any investment you made. Although earning in stock does depend on luck. 


However, it can be considered less risky compared to playing casino because of some tips and strategies involved.


The value of stocks often fluctuates between 1.18 and 1.2, the values I have mentioned are most often the extremities. 


It is safe to assume the stock values won't defy these boundaries, so when it hits the bottom 1.8 buy the stock and vice versa. 


There are occasions of steep rise and fall in stock. The best practice is to buy or sell stock during these times for quick profit. When a steep rise or fall have started it continues for some time before stability has been achieved. 

Contrasting to the sudden rise or fall there is a gradual change and can be detected by comparing previous peaks. For example, by examining consequent peaks, a decreasing trend is noticed your best bet is to sell the stock.


These strategies do work; however, these are not error-proof. As you play further, you get better with experience and develop intuition. Keep trying, and experimenting, eventually, you will get hold of how the stocks work. 


Keeping Track of the mood and health.


The health and happiness of the character should be kept in check. The happiness of about 80 units is required for promotion. Happiness falls particularly fast when there is some unattended wish of the character, so keep those wishes in check. 


The health of the character won't bother you much until he turns 50. After 50 years of age, health decreases drastically as each year passes by. 


It is important to note that when health or happiness falls to particularly low values, it can adversely affect the life expectancy of the character. 

Keep these strategies in mind and enjoy the game

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